Time-lapse Microscopy Imaging Services

Opticvyu offers real-time imaging (microscopy time-lapse) of microscopic changes such as bacterial growth, cellular division, etc., using a DSLR camera microscope system.

Opticvyu time-lapse microscope

Microscopic Time-lapse Services

Time-lapse microscopy emerges as a tool to closely observe the microscopic changes in the field of Nanotechnology, Pathology & Life Sciences. To derive sound conclusions, maximum data should be collected during the period of testing & to quickly showcase these microscopic changes over time, time-lapse videos prove to be the best solution.

With Nikon DSLR mounted on a light microscope connected to OpticVyu system to capture images in every 1min & upload to cloud server in real-time for remote monitoring & observation, a number of microscope setups containing different specimen can be monitored through a single dashboard from any part of the world at any point in time.

Applications of Time-lapse Microscopy

bacterial microscope changes

Mounting DSLR on Light Microscope For Time-lapse Microscopy

OpticVyu microscopic time-lapse solution includes supplying DSLR cameras, set-top box & web platform to laboratories having optical microscope already in place. Once the system is integrated, authorized officials can log in & check the real-time images & auto-generated time-lapse videos for multiple setups.

1. Contact OpticVyu

Contact OpticVyu & purchase the Nikon DSLR & set-top box for connecting microscopic visuals with OpticVyu cloud servers.

2. Equipment Setup

The DSLR will be preset to Auto Focus & Aperture Priority Mode adjusted to a suitable f/d. Supply power to the set-top box & insert LAN cable for internet connectivity.

3. Log in to OpticVyu

Log in to the OpticVyu dashboard to check if the camera is capturing images & is uploading to the OpticVyu server. If not, contact an OpticVyu executive.

4. Focus Adjustment

Once it is ready, set-up the microscope & focus clearly on the specimen using coarse & fine focus knobs & eyepiece lenses.

5. Placing DSLR

Now remove one of the eye-piece lenses (preferable from the vertical eye-piece tube) & place the DSLR camera on the tube. If images are not clear, rotate the horizontal dial on the camera body to change the aperture until a clear picture is captured.

6. Verify the Uploads

Check the OpticVyu dashboard to see the images uploaded every minute.

7. Microscopy Time-lapse Customization

You may customize a time-lapse video for a specific period of time or wait until a default time-lapse is created.


Most frequent questions and answers about time-lapse microscopy

Time-lapse microscopy can be used to observe any microscopic object over time like cellular structure growth, blood & sputum microscopy, biotechnology research, pharmaceutical studies, and many more.
Time-lapse fluorescence microscopy is a powerful tool to study gene expression. A DSLR and an optical microscope that uses fluorescence can be used together with OpticVyu microscopy time-lapse system to study fluorescence microscopic changes.
A DSLR set to auto-focus & aperture priority mode is placed on the vertical eye-piece tube of the microscope (after removing the eye-piece from the vertical eye-piece tube).

Any optical microscope available for measuring the microscopic changes can be used with OpticVyu’s microscopy time-lapse imaging solution.

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