OpticVyu Construction Camera Integration with Procore

Now easily manage construction camera feeds with procore. You can integrate OpticVyu with Procore and access your project timeline from a single dashboard. 

Steps to install OpticVyu for Procore integration

Integration Features (Benefits)

You will get the following features after you integrate OpticVyu and Procore accounts

  1. Quickly share any image from OpticVyu to Procore.
  2. Auto-sync time-lapse imagery to Procore.

Note: You must be logged in to an admin privileges account for any project camera that you want to connect to Procore.

How to Integrate OpticVyu Data Connector App with Procore?
First, login to your Procore account & search “OpticVyu” app in Procore Marketplace & install.Now, login to OpticVyu dashboard & navigate to “Connect with Procore” under setting options.Click the “Connect with Procore” button.By clicking “Connect with Procore”, you will be redirected to the Procore account authentication page, where you have to allow OpticVyu to access your Procore Project.As you click “Allow”, you will be redirected back to the OpticVyu dashboard.Here you will be asked to configure the OpticVyu projects with corresponding Procore projects. You can do it by choosing the appropriate Procore project from a dropdown against each OpticVyu project.Click on “Configure Projects With Procore”Upon successful configuration:a) OpticVyu automatically sends daily images from each camera to corresponding Procore project’s “Time-line” album.Note: Seperate albums will be created for each camera.b) Image can be manually shared to Procore projects “IMP” album by clicking on share image option on dashboard image tools.
How to Integrate OpticVyu Embedded App with Procore?
First, log in to your Procore account & search the “OpticVyu” app in Procore Marketplace & install it.Now, login to the OpticVyu dashboard & navigate to “Connect with Procore” under setting options & click on “Request Embedded App Code”.Select the project/s for which embedded code is needed & send. You’ll receive the code via email within 2 working days.opticvyu embedded app procore integrationNow, go to the Procore dashboard & navigate to “App Management”. opticvyu embedded app procore integrationClick on configurations, select the projects at which the embedded app should work, put a suitable title & insert the code received by OpticVyu.opticvyu embedded app procore integrationDone! Go to Apps & select OpticVyu to display the OpticVyu dashboard inside the Procore portal.opticvyu embedded app procore integration

OpticVyu – Procore Integration Step By Step Video Guide

Why Integrate?

Benefits Of Integration OpticVyu with Procore

Single Login Solution

As you integrate OpticVyu with Procore, you'll be able to access your project timeline by logging into your Procore account.

Image Synchronizing

After integration, you will be able to synchronise important images directly to your Procore photo timeline. Also you will be able to synchronise the time-lapse images.

Time Saving

To check your project progress, you will not need to log in to multiple apps or dashboards, which results in saving your time.

Ready to Integrate Opticvyu With Procore?

Install and Login to OpticVyu Dashboard