Enhancing Construction Safety with AI [AI PPE Detection Camera]

When you think of construction sites, the scenery of workers performing numerous hazardous activities comes to mind. A study by the Bureau of Labor Statistics declares that each year, roughly 150,000 injuries are caused by construction activities. In this context, maintaining workers’ PPE compliance is necessary on job sites. The PPE of construction workers includes a hard hat, safety vest,  gloves, goggles, and safety shoes. However, it is the most challenging task for the management to ensure that workers maintain PPE compliance due to large sites.

To effectively monitor workers’ safety and address the construction workers’ PPE compliance challenge, OpticVyu has launched a new artificial intelligence-powered PPE detection solution. This solution will help the project manager monitor and enforce PPE compliance.

AI Image Processing Camera & Technology

AI image processing cameras are general construction cameras that capture and upload images to the cloud-based server at predetermined intervals. After the visuals are uploaded, various AI algorithms and computational models analyze and interpret the images. In the case of construction sites, AI image processing is generally employed to detect whether workers are wearing the required PPE to meet safety standards.

OpticVyu’s AI PPE Detection Camera solution implements advanced algorithms to detect and verify PPE usage. It regularly captures images, scans, and categories them based on the following cases:

  1. A person wearing a hard hat and safety jacket (Protected Person)
  2. A person wearing only a hard hat
  3. A person wearing only a safety jacket (vest)
  4. A person without a hard hat and safety jacket (Unprotected person).

OpticVyu’s AI Image Processing (PPE Detection Camera)

OpticVyu’s AI PPE detection camera solution best ensures workers’ safety. It also helps eliminate the manual and never-ending task of ensuring workers’ PPE compliance. Here is how the OpticVyu AI PPE Detection Camera works in actuality:

Step 1: Image Capture:

Strategic placement of the camera is crucial from the point of view of covering the critical areas. The camera captures images at a predefined interval (say every 10 minutes).

Step 2: Image Uploading:

The camera that OpticVyu suggests here is a PTZ camera. The camera must connected to the internet (4G/LTE or WLAN or WIFI). It uploads the captured images to OpticVyu’s cloud server.

Step 3: AI Image Analysis:

OpticVyu has trained the AI algorithm with thousands of construction site images. It makes OpticVyu’s PPE-Detection camera solution perfect for analysis of PPE compliance. After the images are uploaded, this AI algorithm processes those images and checks for the PPE (helmet and vest).

Step 4: Results/Reports:

The AI-analyzed data is then converted into visual charts. The project manager can access the AI-processed data from OpticVyu’s dashboard.

Data Visualization Power

OpticVyu AI PPE detection camera is a good tool for maintaining safety at construction sites. It equips the project managers with visual data as charts with corresponding images. Three basic charts are visible on the dashboard.

Chart 1: Overview PPE Compliance Summary

The overview PPE Compliance Summary Chart shows the following data types for a selected period.

  1. Total Person Detected
  2. Protected Persons
  3. Person Without Helmet
  4. Person Without Jacket
  5. Unprotected Persons
overall PPE compliance summary

Having an overview of PPE compliance, a project manager can analyze the trend and make effective decisions regarding worker safety.

Chart 2: Daily PPE Compliance Overview

This chart shows the same data types for a selected week. It breaks down the count of each day of the week and arranges that on a bar chart. Perfect color designations are used for various data types.

Daily PPE compliance overview

Chart 3: PPE Compliance – Location Wise

Once you click on any point on the “Daily PPE Compliance Overview” chart, the corresponding location-wise chart appears on the screen. Once you click on any of the bars, the corresponding images will appear at the bottom of the page, and you can visually inspect those images.

PPE Compliance Location Wise

Use-case of OpticVyu AI PPE Detection Camera


A project manager requires a system to maintain worker safety standards at the construction site. Wearing a hard hat is one of those standards. The system that the project manager needs should leverage AI capabilities and proactively identify workers not wearing a hard hat.


OpticVyu’s AI-based PPE detection camera solution with deep learning algorithms analyzes the images from strategically placed cameras. This system is specifically trained to detect PPE gears like hard hats and vests. With real-time AI analysis and a remote monitoring dashboard, this solution becomes the best choice for project managers to manage site safety.


Managing safety PPE compliances at construction sites is quite challenging. Ensuring so directly impacts the well-being of workers. It finally results in the overall success of a project. OpticVyu’s AI PPE Detection Camera offers a reliable and efficient solution to face this challenge. By incorporating OpticVyu’s AI PPE Detection Camera into construction projects, the managers can improve safety standards and reduce accidents.

OpticVyu’s AI PPE Detection Camera is not just enhancing safety—it’s shaping the future of construction. Contact OpticVyu to get a free quote for your project.

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