OpticVyu Integration With BIM 4D Renderings

Compare the 4D design model against as-built imagery to verify if the construction is progressing as expected.

Reality vs Design Overlay

In order to compare planned construction with actual construction, OpticVyu has integrated with BIM Model allowing users to overlay 4D model renderings over as-built site imagery captured by construction camera. Multiple renderings can be uploaded pertaining to different stages of construction & can be overlaid on any image captured by the camera to date. Over the renderings, we also recommend highlighting planned completion dates of various activities (like foundations, slabs, etc ) to see the delay in construction if any.

Don't have a BIM Model for your project?

Don’t have a BIM Model for your project? Don’t worry!

OpticVyu further extends its services to create a BIM Revit Model for your project which is good enough to be overlaid. OpticVyu ensures to extract the perfect renderings pertaining to the different stages of a project & upload them to the OpticVyu dashboard for element-to-element comparison.

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  1. In order to achieve a smooth BIM – Construction Camera integration, we recommend installing a construction camera oriented towards building elevation.
  2. Submitting the completed BIM Revit Model help in keeping the same renderings throughout the project duration. An incomplete model may lead to the repeated extraction & uploading of the renderings and will also hinder in apple to apple comparison.
  3. We strongly recommend keeping the camera location intact throughout the project duration.


  1. Contact OpticVyu to get the construction camera installed at your project site.
  2. Submit the BIM Revit Model or submit the project layout drawings & let OpticVyu create a BIM Revit Model for your project.
  3. OpticVyu to enable integration by uploading BIM Model Rendering over the camera images.