Construction Camera Vs CCTV Surveillance Ultimate Comparison

Monitoring construction sites, local shops, yards, homes, or storage facilities require CCTV cameras. The one developed to specially monitor construction sites is known as a construction camera. Depending on the surveillance requirement, site area & project type, users can choose analog CCTV cameras, IP camera systems, or construction cameras. The requirement also varies as per the output desired. Ex. Some CCTV offers real-time object detection, sabotage detection, intrusion detection, indoor detection capabilities, whereas others provide night vision, PTZ controls, or time-lapse features.

In this article, we’ll compare CCTV & construction cameras on the basis of features, installation, pricing, & marketing as well.

Construction Cameras Vs CCTV: Features

In today’s world, hundreds of companies have developed CCTV cameras with unique features & apple to apple comparison between CCTV & Construction camera features is not possible. However, any CCTV camera can be integrated with a few construction camera platforms (like OpticVyu) to create long-term time-lapse video along with utilizing the existing features of the CCTV & thus construction camera features always prevail over CCTV features. Refer to the below comparison:

FeaturesConstruction Camera CCTV Camera
Low-Light ViewingAvailable Available
WiringMinimal excessive
AdjustableYes Yes
RecordingYes Yes
Progress ReportsYes No
Project time-lineYes No
Long term data storageYes Limited
Auto emailYes Yes
Integration with construction planningYes No
Progress ComparisonYes No
Multiple projects from single loginYes No
Rain resistanceYes Yes
Motion sensingNo Yes
Two-way audioNo Yes
Field of viewLow to wide-angle Low to wide-angle
Time lapseYes No
Low-light or infrared modeYes Yes
Cloud storageYes Optional
Local storageLimited Yes
Construction Camera Vs CCTV

Construction Cameras Vs CCTV: Installation

CCTV installation involves many components & cumbersome cabling. Talking about IP cameras, all the cameras & NVR should be connected to a local network. When the cameras are placed well apart, cabling cost prevails. Obviously, few SIM-based IP cameras operate in standalone mode & require minimum cabling.

Construction cameras on the other hand are plug play systems with SIM-based inbuilt Wi-Fi. The below picture shows typical CCTV & construction camera installation schematics.

Construction Camera vs CCTV setup

Construction Cameras Vs CCTV: Marketing

CCTV systems are mostly used for surveillance purposes, tracking material & theft control whereas construction cameras find huge applications in marketing a construction project through a time-lapse video shared with the end customers. With open-access features, end customers, clients, or the owner can keep an eye on the project they have invested in. It is observed that customers tend to invest more in a project with high transparency. 

Construction Cameras Vs CCTV: Pricing

A typical CCTV system involves a camera, NVR (or DVR), hard-disk, cabling & installation charges. Unless opted for cloud storage, no monthly rentals are applicable. Construction cameras on the other hand come with camera cost & monthly rental to store & process the data on cloud servers.

The actual cost of a CCTV system depends on the area to monitor, camera resolution, brand, storage requirements, etc. A typical construction camera hardware costs $1,500 — $7,000 depending on the choice of a 5MP fixed position camera, 24MP DSRL based camera, PTZ camera, or a solar-powered camera. The monthly rental fee varies from $200 to $650 for still image-based cameras to HD still image + PTZ + live streaming cameras.

CCTV camera systems are usually cheaper as compared to construction cameras in the long-term but the value addition through construction cameras always covers the cost.

OpticVyu offers free time-lapse services for selected customers. There are no hidden charges. In order to avail of the free tier, customers can install an IP CCTV camera of their choice (preferably Hikvision, Dahua, Axis, Bosch, Arecont Vision, Amcrest, Vivotek, CP Plus) & request OpticVyu to connect it with the OpticVyu platform.


Construction cameras & CCTV are two parallel technologies where one can’t replace another. However, a construction camera system prevails in monitoring construction jobs as the features are specifically developed for enhancing construction efficiency. In a few cases, decisions taken by observing construction camera output help saving a lot of time & money.

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