Answering Time-lapse Construction Camera Questions with OpticVyu

The construction camera is still a new concept in many countries, although the technology might be advanced. Many businesses are just beginning to understand the benefits and advances that a construction camera has in store for them. A construction camera is a “Camera that provides site monitoring and management solutions featuring HD images, Time-lapse videos, Auto-Email alerts, Image annotation/markup, Sharing & Comparison, Primavera/ Microsoft project integration, etc.”.

While many businesses are quick to adopt this new equipment, others still have a handful of doubts. At OpticVyu, we are here to address some of the most frequently asked questions.

Doesn’t a webcam or CCTV do the same for my site as a construction camera?

Construction Camera vs CCTV

It is a myth that many businesses and organizations often use web cameras and construction cameras as synonyms. While their primary functions might be similar, they have their differences. Construction cameras are specially built to monitor a construction site. With features like time-lapse video making, progress tracking tools, and BIM (Building Information Modeling) integration, construction cameras have a huge advantage over just regular web cameras. By integrating construction project planning with a construction camera system, OpticVyu construction cameras provide the user with key features that will help them improve their business.

Can I only use construction cameras once I have started the construction?

You can make use of the OpticVyu construction camera even before the construction begins. From project planning to after-construction marketing, these cameras help you fulfill all your goals until you have achieved your objectives. Construction cameras can start by helping you in the pre-construction phase of your site, planning the project step by step. After the planning stage, implementing a construction camera on your job site ensures that your construction site is secure from day one. You can also monitor the progress you wish to make with an overlay of a BIM 4D model with as-built imagery. Pre-construction implementation of the construction camera also ensures that you can share the site’s happenings from day one with your team members. It is a great way to keep your team members and partners updated on the progress.

Can I view more than one site?

Multiple Projects Dashboard

When you install OpticVyu cameras on your site, you can access and view multiple projects at the same time. With just a few clicks, you can view all your sites on a single dashboard. Location is no longer a hurdle in conducting your business. In construction, it is standard practice to regularly visit the sites for monitoring. It often becomes challenging when you have multiple projects and many partners working on them simultaneously. You can now choose to share your dashboard with your team and partners. It helps all of them stay on the same page and view multiple projects simultaneously.

Apart from viewing construction remotely, how else can the construction camera help my business?

While construction cameras are mainly used for time-lapse videos and images, there are more benefits than that. By applying a construction camera on your site you’re getting the following benefits:

  • Safety – The construction camera fills all the gaps that you may not be able to achieve by having physical security systems. Especially at night, you can even monitor hard-to-reach and see areas.
  • Marketing – You can now use time-lapse videos & high-definition pictures captured by the camera to effectively market your business. Research has shown that a short time-lapse video showing the progress of months & years of construction performs better on online platforms than traditional content. Customers are more inclined to purchase from brands that have videos of their work.
  • BIM 360- OpticVyu integration with BIM 360 allows multiple teams to access camera feeds alongside other project documents to minimize delays & make timely decisions based on actual site imagery. Accessing whole project data from one dashboard is made easy by OpticVyu-BIM 360 integration.    OpticVyu Integration With BIM 3D Renderings                                                       

Do I need to know complex software to be able to use the online features?

Construction cameras have improved over time, now capable of performing complex processes in a simpler and more user-friendly manner. With OpticVyu, users can easily access all the features of their camera with just a few clicks. Once the cameras are installed, users can directly monitor them from their web dashboard. With an intuitive and straightforward display, users can effortlessly share, monitor, and download all the data. OpticVyu doesn’t require users to be software experts. Most importantly, unlike CCTV camera access, accessing construction camera feeds doesn’t require any IP configuration or VMS, and no plugins are necessary to view HD images and videos.

Can I monitor the interior of my construction?

Yes, you can monitor the interiors of your project with OpticVyu’s construction interior monitoring solution. Within the OpticVyu dashboard, you can monitor interior projects using 360-degree images, 360-degree videos, and regular images, etc.

Do I need to invest in large hard drives to store all the data from the cameras?

“Our construction cameras come with an automatic cloud-based upload feature, meaning you do not have to invest in physical hard drives. Once you install the camera, the pictures and videos taken from your site will be directly uploaded to a cloud-based server. This allows you to access the required images and videos from anywhere without tampering with your existing data.

I Already Have CCTV cameras, Do I Need to Separately Install Construction Cameras for Progress Monitoring?

Not necessarily. If you already have CCTVs installed & you don’t want to spend on additional hardware, OpticVyu can integrate your existing CCTV & convert it into a full-fledged construction camera. Once integrated, you can use all the features of the OpticVyu construction camera.

Is There Any Way That Construction Camera Feeds Can Be Embedded on My Website?

Yes, you can embed the OpticVyu open-access URL onto your website or blogs, which can be easily accessed by end customers or stakeholders without requiring any login credentials. This makes it possible to integrate OpticVyu camera feeds with your application for easy access.

Final words:

Construction cameras are still a new concept to many businesses in various countries. At OpticVyu, we believe in making effective solutions simple for you. With just a few steps, you can now turn your business around 180 and start growing today. For further clarification, do contact the OpticVyu Team. Our representative will be happy to guide you.

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