7 Guaranteed Ways How Construction Cameras Can Save Time

Time was & is a limited resource at the construction site and will always be. There are many internal as well as external factors that can cause a delay in project schedules. Changing Government policies, weather conditions, financial difficulties, labor shortage, and poor management, etc. are examples of such factors that are affecting project schedule time. To counter these delays, every construction company is adopting new technology to their project site to save more time. Construction camera is a perfect example of such technology.

Every Second is of Infinite Value


Here are OpticVyu’s seven tips on how construction cameras can save time and help to seat the extra productive time back to work:

1. Automate Manual (Less Productive & Time Consuming) Activities

You might be capturing photos for documentation or of material & equipment deliveries or milestone events. Capturing such photos at a construction site is more time-consuming and interferes with other’s work. All this activity can be automated using construction cameras and footage can be stored on the cloud for safekeeping with zero human intervention.

After the successful installation of cameras at the construction site, you don’t have to worry about getting your mobile device out to snap a photo. Likewise, OpticVyu’s cloud-based construction monitoring system waives the requirement of a closed-circuit camera and time-sensitive backup. Our system operates in the background and stores data remotely, without altering your schedule.

2. Efficient & Quick Collaboration

Every project manager is always responsible for collaborating with crews and stakeholders. Doing so consumes a lot of time and can sometimes result in misunderstandings when it’s done over the phone call. Directly sharing an imaginary (a live video or photo) from construction cameras eliminates confusion. Especially when stakeholders can’t be onsite, visuals can deliver the message quickly and efficiently.

3. Travel Less, Do More

Driving to the project sites and the office is the wastage of monetary resources that most construction companies mitigate. Also traveling is time-consuming and often unnecessary. Real-time access to live video and photos from the project site allows a project manager to stay updated with the current progress & status of the project, without traveling to the site. Construction cameras enable you to see what’s happening without wasting time in traffic. 

4. Get to the Facts-fast

Collecting proof to solve a dispute or proof of compliance during audits can consume a vital amount of time. Without cameras, a huge amount could be wasted looking for images and compiling. You can use construction cameras to help settle disputes. 

5. Reclaim Stolen Time

One of the biggest reasons for the non-productive time at a project is the time theft by employees. It damages your firm in two different ways:

  • (Buddy Punching) When a worker clocks in for another, so both are considered at the job.
  • (Late Arrival) When workers are late to the site, it also causes suffering for productivity.

With on-site active construction cameras, employees know someone keeping eye on them. Installing construction cameras not only makes them show up on time, less likely to steal time.

6. Marketing Made Easy

In our post about time-lapse videos that can boost a construction company’s marketing strategy, we have discussed that construction cameras can help in producing photos and videos that can be reused for marketing and branding purposes. These photos and videos can be used everywhere for branding and marketing purposes such as on websites, social media campaigns, or advertising. As you have construction cameras installed on your Jobsite, you don’t have to hire a camera crew and wait through long production schedules. With the aid of construction cameras you have to spend less time on marketing, and can focus on delivering great services to the customers.

7. Project Planning – Camera Visual Integration

OpticVyu construction camera offers an integration of project planning schedule with camera visuals. This makes it easy to check the images corresponding to the planned start & end date of an activity & thus saving the time of cross checking the planning schedule with exact site status.

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