4 Reasons to Include Construction Cameras in Preconstruction Planning

Can construction cameras help to improve the pre-construction process? 

Construction cameras serve 24/7 surveillance and create a time-lapse video, but they can also enhance the pre-construction process.

The pre-construction process is a very crucial phase packed with numerous activities. If done right can result in the success of the construction project.

Having OpticVyu construction cameras installed and functioning before work starting on the Jobsite gives numerous benefits – and can save time and money.

Contractors have multiple opportunities to use construction cameras during the pre-construction process. For example, Imagery for foster collaboration, advancing the estimation process, and photo/video footage for obligation issues property damage claims.

Here are four persuasive reasons why you should include construction cameras in the pre-construction phase and some tips.

1. Document Everything From Day One

For construction firms, documentation is necessary as increasing strict regulations and compliance is a pressing concern.

The onset of COVID-19 safety is of primary concern and must be implemented. For example, you may have signage explaining social distancing requirements – and this happens during the pre-construction. A fine can be levied on the construction firm for not meeting the worker’s health and safety requirements.

Also, contractors performing pile driving, use of heavy construction equipment, and other operations should conduct a pre-construction survey in the form of photos and video.

Construction cameras make it simple to organize pre-construction survey documentation. They can also present visual proof you’re compiling with necessary regulations. You can easily time-stamp the footage and store it for overlay comparisons to track progress or verify property damage claims.

2. Easy Collaboration & Communicate Remodel Conditions During Estimating

Construction cameras are well-known for collaboration and faster decision-making. With construction cameras in operation during pre-construction, you can easily loop in stakeholders by sharing photos, videos, and live streams from the site. 

Contractors and owners can save money & time by identifying potential issues during the pre-construction phase of a remodel. Footage can easily be attached to blueprints and drawings, so estimating teams can evaluate the actual conditions without being present at the site. DSLR construction cameras like OpticVyu can provide much higher-quality footage.

3. Organize a Livestream Ground Breaking Ceremony

Currently, very few firms use live-streamed video for marketing, and some firms intend to implement live-streaming in the next three years to capture events such as groundbreaking ceremonies. Also, for raising awareness for the branding and new construction project, construction firms can stream live videos on their website, youtube, or Facebook. Firms spend money on brand awareness. The streaming groundbreaking ceremony can save money and overall build construction firm brand awareness. By doing this, construction firms can stay updated with trends.

4. Protect Machinery, Tools, & Materials

Heavy construction machinery and tools need to be stored onsite, and the materials will be kept there ahead of time before work begins on the Jobsite. There will be some vulnerability of tools and materials theft. The machinery and tools are costlier if they get stolen results in heavy loss to the construction project or firm. Here construction cameras come into play. You can monitor the site and can ensure the goods are at their place before the work begins.

With construction cameras installed before construction begins, you can keep an eye on the tools and materials and prevent the theft of goods. You can ensure that the material and tools are available when workers come to the site.


Construction cameras can lessen the time consumed on project documentation and compliance while helping to keep everything engaged. Of course, they are essential for safety and security, but they also helped maintain proper documentation. 

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