8 New Ways To Use Fast-Playing Construction Progress Videos

This technique of fast-playing construction progress videos is known as time-lapse technology. It can capture the prolonged work of various robust machinery such as cranes and bulldozers and can convert that into seconds of the video clip. The use of power tools can also be captured by using this time-lapse technology.

Most construction firms started using this time-lapse video technology within their existing CCTV system or using construction cameras.

Apart from using Construction Cameras videos for construction site monitoring, you can combine fast-playing (time-lapse) videos and create a polished visual narrative of your project from start to finish.

Construction firms can use fast-playing (time-lapse) construction progress videos in several ways; we list eight vital uses here.

1. Maintain a Visual Record of the Entire Construction Progress

Maintaining accurate and updated records is vital to the success of every business, not only in the construction industry but in every sector. Previously construction firms were using written reports, images, blueprints, and sketches to keep records of construction progress.

But now the time has changed, technology has changed everything. The new time-lapse technology is more effective than these tools.  

The key factors why time-lapse is more effective than these tools?

  1. It captures days of construction progress as a short video (few seconds video).
  2. Time-lapse unfolds the project progress in real-time and is easily recognizable.

You can use recorded time-lapse videos to review to study the construction progress. Also, you can compare the accomplishment with the planned progress.

2. Evaluate Progress With the Team

You can quickly review the construction progress using the time-lapse videos and can evaluate the team’s success. Appraising the team’s efforts builds a healthy team environment.

Watching the construction build progress together can encourage the team and raise enthusiasm for the project. This valuable tool time-lapse is not limited to smaller teams but also helpful in showcasing the work & success of your department to the entire company. Remote monitoring makes it easier for construction project managers to reduce the frequency and expense of site visits over a project’s life cycle and have up-to-date reporting of multiple projects from anywhere.

3. Review Progress With Clients

People who invested in your project wish to be in the loop when construction is ongoing. It seems more time-consuming to showcase the real-time progress using blueprints, sketches, and images to investors.

Time-lapse makes this process easy. You can keep project stakeholders & owners in the loop by sharing real-time progress time-lapse videos. For investors, time-lapse is more satisfying and engaging than written documents.

4. Visual SOQ (Statement of Qualification) To Pitch New Clients

Fast-speed construction video not only benefits those who are on the job, but it also acts as a visual SOQ (statement of qualification) to pitch potential clients. Time-lapse video could be a better way to connect with potential customer’s needs. It helps customers to visualize the intact progress and scope of the project in a few minutes. It describes your skills, capabilities, and past project success to potential clients. For owners or investors, it provides transparency by documenting everything. It also shows the contractor’s processes that help in building trust and confidence.

5. Social Media Marketing 

Time-lapse videos are powerful in conveying the authentic message and a popular genre on social media. It can boost up the marketing of a construction company.

Videos are the most consumed content on social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. With construction cameras installed on Jobsite, it becomes easy and cost-effective for firms to produce video content for their marketing outreach.

Pinpointing the fast-playing construction progress video to the client’s newsfeed could be an eye-catching addition.

Bonus Tip:- Some construction cameras offer 360-degree panoramas, which attracts more engagements.

6. Showcase Your Fast-Playing (Time-Lapse) Construction Work on Your Website 

Embedding visual content like time-lapse on your website showcases your skillset to the visitor (potential customers). Adding such videos to a landing page or home page results in an 80% increase in leads.

Fast-playing (time-lapse) videos are a powerful weapon to compete in this grossly competitive construction industry.

Time-lapse videos are powerful content to fascinate & engage visitors and luring them to return again & again. Perhaps it reassures clients to do business with you.

7. Proof Of Compliance

Time-lapse video footage can help in eliminating the time-consuming manual documentation process. Advanced camera systems like OpticVyu provide you a feature to store your progress video on cloud storage, which you can use as compliance proof in case of an audit. Some additional features like Timestamping lessen the time it takes to discover evidence of compliance during audits.

8. Grab Attention at Industry Events

Other than online, you can use a time-lapse video in the following places or events:

  • On screens in your company reception.
  • At your booth at a trade show.
  • As a part of your presentation at meetings.
  • At a conference or other networking events.

At events, time-lapse videos are not only fun for the audience but also an effective conversation starter. Meanwhile, they also showcase your accomplishments on larger projects.


Fast-playing (time-lapse) construction videos are beneficial for both to review the progress and promote your business. You must include it on your website to generate more leads and showcase your capabilities. Using this technique, you can record incredible progress details of your projects.

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