6 Powerful Factors To Consider When Choosing A Construction Camera

Construction sites are safer and workers are more efficient now with the evolution of technology on construction sites. A construction camera is an example of such technology. Dodge Data & Analytics shows that 79% of construction firms are currently utilizing cameras on their project site and this percentage is growing.

If you have been thinking of buying a time-lapse technology-based construction camera for your project, then you probably are considering these 6 factors before choosing the right construction camera for your site.

1. Fixed Position/Pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ Cameras)

For the long term, time-lapse generally fixed position cameras will give good and required results. It will take images continuously from a single point throughout the duration of the project. PTZ cameras will be continuously moving and focusing on different locations, producing a bad time-lapse.

2. 4G LTE Network/Broadband Internet

The cameras need to transfer the data to the cloud through a stable and continuous internet connection.  In most, construction sites the availability of high-speed broadband or LAN connection till the camera location is a difficult and tedious job. OpticVyu cameras run on cellular 4G networks. They are plug-and-play cameras. It just needs a location to fix and a constant stable power supply.

3. Camera Installation Location

The best possible location for construction cameras to capture maximum construction sites is to install in a nearby building/Structure and at a little distance away from the actual construction site. As the construction is a long-term process the camera installed shall not be disturbed continuously. It should even be accessible for any kind of maintenance of cameras. 

4. Weather Resistant Camera

The construction site is more prone to adverse conditions compared to any internal or normal location. All OpticVyu Construction Cameras are IP66 Rated to protect them from heavy rains, snowfalls, and extremely hot conditions.

5. Live Video Streaming 

Based on the requirement construction camera offers either only Photo capturing at regular intervals or Photo capturing with live streaming. 24X7 live streaming consumes huge amounts of data & viewing it remotely needs high bandwidth and unlimited data connection. 

6. Video Storage On Cloud

Maintaining and storing years of construction data on the cloud provides easy and secure access with unlimited data storage. You don’t have to worry about the space or any hardware complexities at the camera location.

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