OpticVyu Construction Camera Integration with Autodesk Construction Cloud

Monitor and analyze construction site progress within the Autodesk construction cloud dashboard. You can integrate OpticVyu camera feeds with ACC and can preview progress on ACC Insight platform. 

Steps to integrate OpticVyu with Autodesk Construction Cloud

Integration Steps in OpticVyu Dashboard

Firstly login to OpticVyu dashboard. Under options menu, click on integration

opticvyu dashboard

You’ll see various integration options here. Click on “Connect With Autodesk Construction Cloud”.
Click on “Request Embedded APP URL”

Connect with bim 360

Select the projects you wish to view on the Autodesk Construction Cloud dashboard.

After submission, you’ll receive the embedded App URL within 2 days via Email.

select project

Integration Steps On ACC Dashboard

Firstly login to Autodesk Construction Cloud dashboard. On “My Dashboard” page, click on “Customize” icon.

configure dashboard

Now click on “Card Library”

partner card

From the card library, search for a card named “OpticVyu” or “Partner Card” & add. Select & add the card.

adding partner card

Now the empty partner card is visible in your dashboard. Click on “Configure” button.

configure partner card

Now enter an appropriate card title say “Project-Camera Feeds”, enter the embedded APP URL received from OpticVyu under “Partner URL” text field & save.

Add embedded url

Integration Completed.. Now you can view your project camera feed, time-lapse, etc on the Autodesk Construction Cloud dashboard.

Live preview in BIM 360

OpticVyu – Autodesk Construction Cloud Integration: Video Guide

Why Integrate?

Benefits Of Integrating OpticVyu with ACC

Single Login Solution

As you integrate OpticVyu with ACC, you'll be able to access your project camera feeds within ACC account.

Instant Access To Whole Team

Upon integration, everyone with the access to Autodesk Construction Cloud account shall be able to access the camera feeds.

Time Saving

To check your project progress, you will not need to log in to multiple apps or dashboards, which results in saving your time.

Ready to Integrate Opticvyu With Autodesk Construction Cloud?

Get Embedded URL and Integrate with Autodesk Construction Cloud