Construction Time Lapse: Attracting and Managing New Infrastructure Projects

The Indian government plans to spend US$ 1.4 trillion on infrastructure during 2019-23 to ensure the country’s sustainable development.

As a result of the influx of new construction opportunities, construction firms will be forced to compete for government contracts and adhere to stringent safety and compliance regulations.

Construction time-lapse is the process of recording a sequence of images over time and is the only way to help you build a brand presence. Construction time-lapse is also used for marketing new infrastructure projects, such as road construction and building construction. It can also help manage risk by providing proof that your project will be completed on schedule, even if delays occur during construction. Not only does this time-lapse also help you with team collaboration, safety & compliance, and many more.

Branding With Time-lapse

Sales reps who use video for outreach have seen an increase in response rates of more than 70%.

You can use time-lapse videos to pitch your prospects at any stage of your marketing/sales funnel.

As a construction firm, you want to be attractive to the projects you are bidding on. To do this, you need to have an easily recognizable brand. The construction industry is competitive, and you need to be able to stand out from other companies that may be bidding on the same project.

Your company can use time-lapse photography to establish brand identity online. You can use this as part of your marketing strategies as well as for internal projects like employee recognition.

Here are some examples of how our customers have used time-lapse footage to progress projects and market their work.

Construction Progress Time-lapse + Custom Reports
Future Building Construction Time-lapse
Construction Progress Report with TIme-lapse

Track Each Milestone of the Project

Delayed schedule & cost overrun are the most common issues faced by every construction firm while working on a complex project. Timely monitoring each milestone of a construction project using time-lapse can help reduce cost overrun and project completion on schedule time. Also, a remote time-lapse monitoring solution enables the managing of multiple project sites with ease.

Time-lapse is a great way to show how your infrastructure project evolves. You can capture the entire process and create a video that shows what happens step by step. It will give your audience a better understanding of what you’re building and why it’s essential. It also helps you communicate with your team members and stakeholders because they can see exactly how things are progressing (and if they’re on track).

Some time-lapse monitoring software allows the integration with other construction management software like Procore, BIM360, BIM 4D modal, and project planning.

Keep Stakeholders, Clients, and the Public Informed and Excited

Time-lapse compresses the months/years of progress in a few minutes of video. Instead of long progress reports, time-lapse help better retain all information. This visual representation of the project can be more impactful in highlighting key information and milestones, and it can also make it easier for stakeholders to retain and understand the information. In addition to a written report, including a summary video that gives a high-level overview of the project’s progress can be a useful tool for stakeholders to process and understand the information.

Videos are an effective way to engage and inform the public, and they can also be easily shared and preserved for the future. By creating videos about the project’s progress, we can help ensure that this important moment in history is not forgotten.

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