OpticVyu to Monitor “New Parliament Building” – Central Vista Project

The Central Vista Project

The Prime Minister of India (Narendra Modi) had laid the foundation stone for the Central Vista Project on December 10, 2020. The Central Vista project is one of the ambitious projects of PM Narendra Modi which aims to redevelop/build the new Parliament Building, Rajpath, a new residence for the Vice President, a new office and residence for the Prime Minister, and combining all ministerial buildings in a single central secretariat altogether spreading across a stretch of 3.2km. Completion of this 64,500 square meters spread project is scheduled for 2024. In 2019, the central government of India announced the Central Vista Project to give a new identity to the ‘power corridor’ of India.

OpticVyu Provides Construction Monitoring & Documentation Solution For New Parliament Building

OpticVyu is being awarded the contract for construction monitoring & documentation of New Parliament Building construction. Since the beginning, OpticVyu has deployed multiple cameras in various orientations to create outstanding time-lapse videos & generate project progress reports. Not only the exterior monitoring but OpticVyu is also planning to deploy 360° interior monitoring for documentation & tracking progress of interior works.

How to Match International Standards of Construction Monitoring?

Working on such a high valued, large scale prestigious project adds extra responsibility on OpticVyu to ensure the output matches the international standard of construction monitoring & progress reporting. For the same reason, OpticVyu has deployed its best solutions for New Parliament Building Construction monitoring. The monitoring is enabled with:

24MP Nikon Box Construction Cameras

The floor area for New Parliament Building construction is about 16,125 m2. To capture such a huge area without compromising with image quality, OpticVyu 24MP Nikon Box Construction Cameras are being deployed. Regular to wide-angle lenses are used to capture the site from various distances. Inbuilt wifi-based cameras help easy uploading of images without the need for a separate internet infrastructure at the site.

180 Degree Cameras

At a few points, the camera needs to be placed at the center of the site & the site team requested to cover the maximum possible area. In such cases, OpticVyu has deployed its 180° wide-angle cameras. The camera produces pleasing results by capturing panoramic images of the site covering the ongoing construction, old parliament building & Rashtrapati Bhawan in one frame.

Advance Time-lapse Editing

Poor weather or other unfavorable conditions can hinder the default time-lapse video. To provide top-notch results, OpticVyu has enabled advanced time-lapse features for the project allowing any user to create its own advanced time-lapse without any manual intervention. Advanced time-lapse creation can help:

  • to remove unwanted clip parts,
  • to remove blurry, dark, or brights images,
  • to stabilize the video,
  • to add information like milestones achieved,
  • to merge multiple cameras in one frame.

Access to Various Departments & Teams

Every construction project’s timely completion can be achieved with effective team coordination & collaboration. Likewise, this project also needs better collaboration between government officials, contractors, engineers, architects & others who are working on the project. OpticVyu construction monitoring dashboard consists of all these features bringing everyone on the same page where teams can check past dated events, images, create reports, watch & share progress videos to take decisive actions on time.

parliament building model
New parliament building model
central vista project model
Central vista project model

How Central Govt. Use OpticVyu As A Transparency Tool?

New Parliament Building’s construction cost makes it the center of attraction for every Indian. Since the announcement of this ₹ 861.90 crore project to date, it is being populated in media headlines. India is the world’s biggest democracy & is setting a benchmark by showcasing the visuals captured with OpticVyu construction cameras on the central vista website to

  • enhance transparency with the public
  • Allowing media to freely access the details of ongoing construction
  • Letting the people witness the construction of India’s one of the most prestigious buildings.

To keep the transparency, government officials are

  • updating regular images
  • updating progress via time-lapse videos every month on the central vista website.

Promoting “Make In India” & “Digital India” Programme

“Make in India” & “Digital India” are the initiatives taken by Hon’ble PM of India, Mr. Narendra Modi. The Indian construction sector contributes almost 8% of the GDP of India & the role of many construction companies to push the limits and complete huge infrastructure projects within budget and stipulated time is of utmost importance. The consultants, architects, engineers, contractors involved in the Central Vista project are India-based & are promoting the “Make In India” program. 

OpticVyu is designed & developed indigenously in India & aligns with government’s “Make In India” & “Digital India” Movement. OpticVyu helps in digitalization & showcasing the making of this project which will highlight the technical capabilities of multiple teams involved in the construction of this prestigious project and will enhance the global impact of Indian construction giants.

Note:- For confidentiality reasons, data captured from OpticVyu Construction Cameras are not displayed here. However, you may refer to the Central Vista Website to watch the time-lapse videos & the latest updates of the project.

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