OpticVyu Construction Camera Technology in Construction Industry

Technology has been transforming many industries, from improving businesses to increasing efficiency. Over the years, it has proved to showcase an improvement in the overall performance of many businesses. 

One of the most important parts of the construction is to finish the project within the budget and on time. Technology in all aspects has been helping businesses achieve this core goal.

 In 2020 the implementation of technology in construction has increased by 31% in a single year.

The biggest change that has transformed the industry, especially during these times, is to manage and monitor business globally. Research has proven that construction uses up to 65% in remote monitoring of sites, 61% in Building Information Modelling.

From planning your projects digitally to creating day to day reporting and documentation you can now make big steps with a few clicks. Opticvyu does not limit you to devices or locations. You can now go global with our projects in a few simple steps. With every aspect of the construction industry becoming more advanced every day, it becomes important for organizations to quickly adapt to stay on top. It has now become essential to improve the current process for the betterment of the project.

Here are ways technology is changing the construction industry:


Staying within budget is the most important part of any business. Especially in the construction industry, projects easily and very quickly become very expensive. At this time when the construction business in 2020 and 2021 has seen an all-time low due to the pandemic, businesses look at innovative ways to cover the cost. In just 9 years the construction cost has increased up to 36%. This alarming rate of increase in the cost has started making businesses more aware of the spending.

Construction cameras have started becoming an integral part of saving costs for businesses.

Opticvyu construction cameras help you stay within budget in many ways such as 

  • Theft- You can protect your sites from unnecessary movements. Theft and any shoplifting can be prevented and caught when you install construction cameras on your site. With expected night vision you can also monitor your site during the dark hours. This also allows you to see hard to see areas that can be missed while physical securities
  • Insurance – Having a proper documention of site using pictures and videos acts as insurance. All pictures and videos that are taken from your job site are automatically uploaded to your cloud. This makes sure you don’t have to worry about storage. 

Work rate 

You can improve your employee’s productivity by placing a construction camera on your site. When you have constant supervision, the efficiency of your employees increases. It ensures your project is completed with the maximum potential. You can also increase your teams’ productivity by sharing your project with your team. You can give access to your team across the globe. It helps your team plan and implements all the changes needed without physically being present. It saves time and cost on your project. Construction management has improved drastically after construction camera implementation on site. Inventory management has become more efficient. The cameras can track all inventory coming in and used. With this, you can make more productive use of your labor.


With technology in your construction, you can plan and execute your projects more efficiently. With more advanced innovation like BIM 360 technology, you can plan in a much better way than before. You can overlay your planned image on top of your current built image. Along with the timelines on the side of your image, you can now plan and look at the progress of your site.

BIM 360 technology has proven to reduce error in planning by up to 69%-70% in architecture and engineering alone. It can help you save time and energy. It helps businesses run their operations more smoothly and effortlessly by understanding the timeline.

During pre-construction time, the materials and machinery need to be brought to the location. It exposes them to the danger of theft and other misuses. When you install a construction camera from day one you ensure that you monitor and track everything that happens at your site

Business growth

That’s right! a construction camera helps your business and your brand improve its visibility. You can use videos and images to promote your business. By showing your growth and the brand you work with, your prospective customers might feel more inclined to work with you. It allows your business to gain goodwill while increasing brand awareness.

Studies have shown that in the construction industry ( a B2B market ) suggest that 52% plan to make their purchase online. The study also shows how 84% of Top management use social media in decision making. It further indicates that apart from making a traditional business profile, you must also have a strong social/ digital presence. 

It becomes very easy once you start applying technology to your everyday business. By integrating your digital profile and day-to-day business on your site, you will now be able to create a strong brand. It helps you beat the competition and climb the market ladder quickly.

Final words 

By implementing the new and improved innovations, you become subject to growth. By adopting simple yet effective equipment like a construction camera, you can now grow your business while optimizing it, from bettering your marketing strategies to optimizing your current process. 

It is soon becoming an inevitable part of construction companies. With this advancement, we can build stronger, taller, and cost-efficient structures. Day by day, the increase in productivity and completing more complex projects are more achievable. Companies that choose to stay away from technology are destined to run out of business.

It is time for your business to improve and grow today. The Opticvyu team will be glad to guide you through the process of choosing the right camera for your site.

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