Overcome COVID-19 Challenges in Construction Industry with OpticVyu?

With the unexpected pandemic, Construction industry throughout the world have faced multiple issues. Every day poses a new challenge for this industry, from labor layoffs to stay-home orders. While some businesses are struggling, some have taken this as an opportunity to optimize their business. 

Covid-19 has taught us to think about innovation and come up with unique solutions. Many organizations have turned to technology to help them get through these challenging times. 

Construction is being one of the most effected industry over the past year. The industry has experienced a drastic downward trajectory in revenues. It caused a drop of almost 34% during these times.

From hands-free monitoring to keeping your site safe, construction cameras have become a staple for many organizations. Construction cameras have helped many organizations save money and time in their projects.

Here is how you can overcome the Covid-19 challenges with OpticVyu construction camera & monitoring services today:

1. Save money (Reduced Overheads, Improved Work Efficiency)

In the past year, the construction business have been hit hard and its difficult to finish the project in time within budget. In such crucial points, construction firms need to keep their cost as low as possible. In the industry, the price of steel has increased up to 100% in just six months. Also, as the result of the Covid-19 crisis, revenues declined by 8%, and 45% lower margins due to reduced or postponed construction spending.

With the cost of material and man up to the roof, construction cameras can help you save money. Yes, installing these small yet effective cameras on your site allows you to monitor your site from any part of the world. It aids you in saving the overhead cost of traveling to the individual project sites. You can now view all your projects and ensure smooth functioning without physical presence.

Having these also overlooks all your workers on your site. It helps to improve their efficiency and contributes towards better cost savings too.

2. Collaboration with Stakeholders and Partners

These times are challenging for business, especially to maintain a relationship with your partners and stakeholders. Clients and stakeholders rely on important information like the current progress, completion date, spending, etc.

Having a visual representation of your projects ensures that you can show and share the progress of your projects. With the Opticvyu dashboard, you can share all your projects with your team and partners that you wish to add. You can simply go to your dashboard, and with a few simple clicks, you can add your team and the people you like to give access to. 

Opticvyu’s BIM 360 integration allows you to add your planned image as an overlay on top of your live job site images. With timelines on the side of your planned graphic, you can use your dashboard to compare current construction to the plan. With 360 views of your construction site, Opticvyu allows you to download the photos and share them with your team.

3. Project management

From the beginning of the pandemic construction industry has faced challenges of utilizing it resources effectively. During these times companies must try to apply strategies that help them grow even with the present limitations. It is essential to work inside these new boundaries that have unexpectedly affected all industries. 

The US has alone projected layoffs in the construction industry while other countries like Europe have predicted a fall in labor by 60% – 70%. Project management is one of the fundamental parts of the construction business. It is important that the project is being managed and monitored. 

Opticvyu cloud-based service allows you to look at the improvement of the site over time. It helps project managers be prepared to answer any relevant question and being up to date. With high-definition cameras installed on your site, producing 100’s photos & videos, you do not have to worry about the lack of physical presence anymore.

4. IT takeover 

Technology has transformed all the industries, and construction is no different. From small equipment to big machinery, it has only proven to make the process more efficient. Using real-time information, managers can use, collect and understand the patterns of the data collected.

 The research found that about 65% of businesses use remote monitoring for their projects, followed by 61% using Building Information Modelling (BMI).

Construction cameras can be used for more than creating progress pictures and time-lapse videos of your site. With a construction camera one can transform their job site by:

  • Inventory tracking– You can now track all the inventory of your site that is being delivered even when you aren’t physically present on the site. Opticvyu introduces Material Tracking Tool for better inventory management backed up with visual images captured at various control points like a loaded vehicle entry point, an empty vehicle leaving a site, its vehicle number, delivery voucher, etc… along with locations of each image. 

For data reliability, the location of captured images & their distance from the center of the site is calculated & reported in case of any inconsistency.

  • Interior monitoring– OpticVyu interactive platform allows the users to easily upload the 360 images/videos captured at strategic points on the layout. Utilizing the mapping of 360 images to the respective layouts ensures the increased team coordination, control over projet timeline, quality assurance & easy visualtization of site status from remote location.
  • Project planning– Opticvyu seamlessly integrates with the project planning data from microsoft project planning or Primavera to aid comparison of the actual images captured at the start & completion of an activity with the planned activity. It also have special feature of rendering BIM model over the camera images that helps in better project planning.

 The system will automatically map the camera images against the planned start & end of every activity. It makes it very simple to witness the state of the job-site over the progress of the activity.

While the reality of the pandemic keeps changing with new restrictions every day. You can be assured that your project will run with full efficiency. Opticvyu construction cameras have allowed many top brands to integrate their business vertically and work hands-on with their partners while being at a different location. 

This technology has also opened new opportunities for many businesses globally. Construction is not restricted to their location anymore. You can now choose to collaborate with organizations around the world. Using this small yet incredible equipment has allowed the business to create immunity to the hurdles of the current situation.

It is safe to say that while the concept of construction cameras might be new to many organizations, this technology is here to stay. Noticing an upward movement in the numbers of businesses adopting this technology, we can see how construction cameras are being used to improve projects. It’s time for your business to upgrade to construction cameras to improve your construction today. 

Contact the Opticvyu team, who will be happy to guide you through the process.

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