Why Is Remote Monitoring Essential for Every Construction Site?

A person cannot be in two places physically but can access many sites using the technology. Visual data solutions or remote monitoring can provide quick access to high-definition time-lapse photography and live video streaming.

To keep projects on track, teams needed visuals from each site and high-definition time-lapse construction cameras can provide such visuals to them.

What Is Remote Monitoring?

In the construction industry, remote monitoring means the use of a platform or software or sensor that helps in managing, monitoring, planning, and streaming processes from anywhere in the world.

There are different remote monitoring technologies like

  • Cameras
  • Alarms
  • GPS Tracking Systems
  • Data Analysis Softwares, etc.

Here at OpticVyu, we provide construction monitoring services and are well known for construction cameras.

In this article, we have written down some importance/benefits of remote monitoring from our experience in the construction industry.

1. Limit Downtime

The outage of resources or material results in working downtime, and ultimately results in a delayed project timeline. Every single day delay increases the cost of the project. These downtimes can be avoided using remote monitoring systems. With remote monitoring, you will get to know in advance about the demand for material, resources, or machinery so that you can fulfill that on time.

2. Eliminate Wasted Site Visits by Wrong Tool/Part/Person

It becomes more difficult for a project manager to decide what is needed on the site. Also, he/she can not trust any inexperienced/unspecialized person for the material/tool/resources requirements to be filled on the site. Here remote monitoring comes into play, which eliminates the wasted site visits by the wrong tool/part/person. Remote monitoring through high-definition construction cameras enables you to have a look at site from anywhere in the world.

3. Increase Productivity and Collaboration

Traveling to and from the construction site results in excessive time consumption and has cost to it. The time that can be spent on something more productive goes behind the wheels. This time and money can be saved for other productive works with remote monitoring construction cameras that you can access to any location visuals on any internet-enabled device.

Also, you can share those visuals with other stakeholders. This results in better communication and collaboration.

4. Communicate Project Status With All Team Members in Seconds

Bringing more people to sites is less feasible than bringing the project to the people using real-time monitoring including high-quality photography and live videos. Using a better remote monitoring system, you can schedule email updates, one-click videos-share, and share the project updates in seconds.

5. Theft Prevention and Enhanced Security

On most of the sites, the primary reason for installing a Construction Camera is to prevent theft. Construction equipment is very costly and no one wants those to get stolen. 

Construction sites are easy targets for thieves because most of the sites do not have 24-hour security and equipment on the sites is kept for a long time.

If there will be cameras installed on the site, then the chances for theft will be much less. With the camera visible, thieves are afraid of being caught.

6. Tracking Employee Health & Safety

Protecting the employee should be the priority of every project manager or owner. 

Optical zooming, clear high-resolution images, and live video feed let you capture or monitor every single activity on-site and compare it with their industry standards. It also helps you in creating a safe working environment so it does not have any impact on employee’s health.

It’s not only about following industry standards, remote monitoring can also prevent workplace injuries and improves overall safety conditions.

7. Keeps Employees Focused

It is psychologically proven that when there is a supervisor or any higher authority keeps eye on the employees, then they are more focused on work. If no one is keeping an eye on employees, then they might get distracted or become less productive. 

Using remote monitoring you can keep an eye on your employees and you can motivate them to be focused when required.

8. Stop Expensive Equipment Damage

Construction equipment is very expensive, so their damage increases the cost of the project. Equipment damage also results in delaying the project timeline. But you can prevent this, without getting your hands dirty. Construction cameras provide you an overall look to the site which can’t be visible to every employee. With Construction cameras, you can keep an eye on the work and monitor whether the work is up to standard or not. 

9. Real-Time Timeline Adjustment

Natural factors like rain, storms, etc. result in delays in the project and shifting timeline. COVID pandemic can be considered as an example of too much delaying and timeline shifting of projects. With access to site visuals, you can check in to ensure that what is supposed to happen on a given day. 

10. Prioritize Your Time and Resources With a High-Level View of the Site

Construction camera streamlining lets you focus on other important works rather than visiting the site. OpticVyu enables you to monitor that material is used according to what is mentioned on paper.

11. Monitor Performance and Manage Productivity From All Your Devices

One of the benefits of the remote monitoring system is that you can access those from any location in the world using any of your devices. As the remote monitoring system works online, you can access them using your phone, laptop, or monitor with an active internet connection.

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