OpticVyu Construction Camera Announces Integration With Autodesk Construction Cloud

OpticVyu is pleased to announce a new integration between Construction Camera and Autodesk Construction Cloud™, a portfolio of software and services that combines advanced technology, a builder’s network, and predictive insights for construction teams.

The integration of OpticVyu Construction Camera’s monitoring services as a Partner Card in Autodesk® Build™ and BIM 360® centralizes the availability of construction site visuals and time-lapse videos and improves overall team coordination.

By embedding camera feeds & time-lapse videos alongside construction documentation and project overview dashboards, teams can make informed and decisive actions, increase productivity, and minimize delays. The high-definition images captured by the OpticVyu Construction Camera reveal minute details of the site which can be cross-checked immediately against the respective drawings & documents available in projects within Autodesk Build and BIM 360. 

“Having a view of the Jobsite is critical for a variety of reasons including progress tracking and safety monitoring. Autodesk Construction Cloud applications are invariably used across the construction industry, and when integrated with OpticVyu Construction Cameras, the solutions deliver rich visual context alongside project information, driving productivity across job sites and ultimately saving time and money,” said Anshul Jain, Founder OpticVyu Construction Camera & Monitoring Services.

OpticVyu specializes in capturing HD site images, indoor & outdoor construction time-lapse videography using regularly extra-wide angle lenses. OpticVyu 360 degree-image based Construction Camera is one of the world’s first long-term time-lapse videography-enabled cameras. Further, with an interior monitoring solution, all the activities can be tracked & visualized using 360-degree photos & site progress can be tracked over some time. 

Ensured increase in construction productivity & safety

Combining Imagine Progress monitoring, Security recording, Video surveillance data provided through OpticVyu with the project management, document management, communication, and collaboration capabilities of Autodesk Build and BIM360 helps all team members make fast decisions, increasing overall productivity. The goal of progress monitoring is to complete projects ahead of schedule by making informed decisions enhanced by the intersection of real-time visuals with critical construction documents.

“Construction teams need up-to-date views to stay on top of their projects, especially as they become more complex across the board,” said James Cook, head of integrations at Autodesk Construction Solutions. “Centralizing OpticVyu’s visuals and time-lapses alongside the key construction data in Autodesk Construction Cloud helps building teams make well-informed and prompt decisions.”

To integrate OpticVyu Construction Cameras with Autodesk Build and BIM 360, login to OpticVyu and request BIM 360 embed URL to be inserted under the “OpticVyu” Partner Card on the Autodesk Build and BIM 360 Insight dashboard. The integration can be activated quickly and easily. The embedded URL in the Partner Card enables numerous projects & cameras access within the Insight dashboard. All the images captured to date, regular & customized time-lapse videos for each camera can be accessed at your fingertips. The easy-to-access embedded OpticVyu card can be displayed in slide show mode to continuously view the latest images captured by all the cameras. 

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